Discipleship Ministries



What is a Disciple?

A Disciple is….A person who has committed to follow Jesus. A Disciple seeks to know Jesus better by learning His Word (the Bible); loving and serving His church (other followers); and pursuing His mission (restore the lost).

A Disciple becomes like Jesus the more we follow Him and the closer we follow Him.

A Disciple invites and leads others to follow Jesus too.

Becoming Like Jesus is a lifelong spiritual process.  Just as we go through stages of physical growth, we also go through stages of spiritual growth. Our progress can be observed, stimulated or stalled.   


The Spiritual Continuum: 4 Stages of Christian Growth

Everyone is on a spiritual continuum that includes four growth stages of church attenders.

Exploring Christ: People in this stage have a basic belief in God, but are unsure about Jesus Christ and his role in their lives.

Growing in Christ: People in this stage have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They have made a commitment to trust him with their souls’ salvation and for eternity, but they are just beginning to learn what it means and what it takes to develop a relationship with him.

Close to Christ: People in this stage depend on Jesus Christ every day. They see Jesus Christ as someone who assists them in life. On a daily basis, they turn to him for help and guidance for the issues they face.

Christ-Centered: People in this stage would identify their relationship with Jesus Christ as the most important relationship in their entire lives.



Take a Purposeful Life Assessment NOW to determine your progress and direction.

















The Bedico Discipleship Process

Multiple experiences help you grow spiritually and live out a purposeful LIFE. Personal spiritual practices and congregational worship are central. LIFE Groups focus on learning the Bible and fostering relationships.  LIFE Teams prioritize serving the Bedico church family. Both are essential and open to everyone. Find a list of LIFE Groups linked to the images.




Many of our members and attenders are choosing to join or start groups.  

dLife Groups are 3-4 people of the same gender who hold one another accountable in their walk with Jesus.  Group size and flexibility make dLife Groups easy to start and maintain. If you’d like to start a group download the materials HERE.


Sometimes Christ Followers need or desire study or growth in a specific area of life. To address these needs you can experience Momentum: Spiritual Movement Weekends 2-3 times annually. Momentum is designed to enhance personal development, increase Bible knowledge and stimulate spiritual growth.