Life Groups


We're happy you've decided to further your walk with Jesus; in knowing Him, following Him, and learning of Him through a small group study called LIFE GROUPS.  LIFE GROUPS are groups of six to twelve people sharing life's lessons and learning more about Jesus through His Word, the Bible.

LIFE GROUPS meet at 9:00 and 10:30 AM on Sunday mornings, unless otherwise specified.  There are many to choose from.  Try out one, or a few.  See where you feel comfortable, settle in, and enjoy the fellowship of like-minded believers in Christ. 



- Right Here, Right Now - Jeremy Stewart,  A class of young to middle‐age couples who are married with children.
- Open Door - Roger Jenkins (Men 300),  An adult men’s group who enjoy coming together on Sunday mornings to discuss deep, biblical truths.
- Chatty Christian Chicks - Freddie Painting,  A friendly group of adult ladies who desire to love and serve others.
- Broken Crayons - Ben Raney (Adults 300),  A Sunday school class of couples and single adults of all ages designed to strengthen you in your daily walk with Christ.
- Crystal’s Cool Cats - Crystal Edgerton (Ladies 300 A),  A diverse group of ladies ranging in age from 26‐70.  Each brings a past and unique life story, but they come together to fellowship and to love the broken into a stronger relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
- Ambassadors of Christ - Hank Hebert,  A group of men of all ages who love Sunday morning fellowship and sharing the Gospel.
- Daughters of the King - Brigette Hyde (Ladies 200 A),  A very close group of ladies involved in each other’s lives and who love to study Scripture together.
- College and Careers - Caleb and Gabby Mire, Sunday Nights,  A group of young adults around the ages of 18‐25 who meet weekly to discuss Scripture in depth, seeking the truth and its implications in life.
- Adults - Dr. Dustin Stockstill, 8 AM Sundays                             - Ladies 400 B - Janice Hyde
- Adults 200 - Jeremy & Meghan Stewart                                     - Men 300 B - T C Painting
- Adults 400 - Jeff & Rose McCon                                                  - Men 400 B - Ricky Bourgeois
- Ladies 400 A - Pat Burrow
MONDAY NIGHTS (During the school season)                                         THURSDAY NIGHTS
- Monday Night Youth - Caleb Miller                                                            - Adult Bible Study - Freddie Olmstead